how to setup ssl https on your WordPress website

How To Setup SSL (HTTPs) On Your WordPress Website

Why do I need SSL and HTTPs? Lately, privacy and security issues have been all over the news – from applications and games stealing user’s information, to data breaches affecting millions of people, to the sweeping changes in EU privacy laws that have had global effects. These events really highlight how important privacy and security…

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8 ways to speed up your wordpress website

8 Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Here are 8 more ways to speed up your WordPress website. If you haven’t already, check out my post “5 Ways to Start Optimizing Your WordPress Website”. This is a continuation of that post.   Always remember to backup your website before making any changes. 1. Speed up Your WordPress Website with a Caching Plugin…

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wordpress optimization, 6 ways to optimize your wordpress website thumbnail

5 Ways to Start Optimizing Your WordPress Website

WordPress optimization is important to increasing your website loading speed which in turn will create a better experience for your website visitors and help you in your Google ranking. This list was made to help you start optimizing your WordPress website. If there is anything on this list that is confusing then please consider contacting…

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