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Let us take care of your website maintenance so you can focus on what you love to do.


Optimize Performance

We conduct daily and weekly tests to guarantee that your website runs at peak performance.

Uptime Monitoring

Checking your website every fifteen minutes to ensure that it’s running properly.

Weekly Check-Ins

Running a battery of tests to ensure that your website is functioning at its best.


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Security & Backups

We protect the integrity of your website by implementing updates, creating backups, and performing repairs.

Weekly Updates

Testing and implementing updates of WordPress core, themes, and plugins.


Creating a clone of your website for testing updates before making permanent changes.

Daily & Weekly Backups

Creating complete backups of your website that will be stored in a secure location. Three months of backups will be archived.

Security Checks

Monitoring your website for any malicious activity, such as corrupted files or hacks, and performing necessary repairs.


Technical Support

We're on-call to solve any technical problems that may arise with your WordPress site, including contacting your hosting service when necessary.

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Maintenance Reports

We organize your website changes and analytics into a monthly report so you can make informed decisions regarding your online presence.


Reports basic site info like recent posts, comments as well as plugin, core and theme updates.

Standard + Backups

Standard Report as well as BackupBuddy backups, including Database, Files, Full, and Stash snapshots.

Standard + Security

Standard report as well as iThemes Security events like Brute Force protection and Malware Scans.

Standard + Stats

Standard Report as well as site analytics.


Need to see all actions performed on the website? This will tick them all off.

*Some reporting features require the use of provided security and backup plugins as well as access to Google Analytics / Search Console.

Select a WordPress Care Plan

$600 $540
This plan is suitable for a website that rarely changes and needs minimal maintenance.
Weekly Updates
Weekly Backups
Security and Monitoring
15 Minute Uptime Monitoring
Website Staging
Malware Cleanup
Simple Website / Content Changes*
Technical Support
Monthly Report
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*Up to an hour worth of content changes a month. Changes that require more time will be billed at $50 / hour

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